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How the Septic Genie works

Over 95% of drain field failures are due to Biomat, a slimy byproduct of intestinal bacteria that slowly clogs up the drain pipes and the soil in the drain field. Even with regular septic tank pumping and maintenance, Biomat builds up over time. Septic Genie's patented Aerobic Bacteria Generator (ABG) system is the only septic system care method that combines two unique elements designed specifically to restore your septic system and drain field:

  1. Septic Genie System – The Aerobic Bacteria Generator creates the perfect environment in your septic tank for our proprietary Septic Genie Bacteria to thrive, multiply and efficiently digest the solids (paper and poo) in the tank and Biomat in the field.

  2. Septic Genie Bacteria Tablets – Our unique and powerful patented blend of natural bacteria digests the solids in your septic tank, starving the intestinal bacteria that causes Biomat. Solids no longer build up in your septic tank, so no pumping is required. Our bacteria spreads to the drain field, digesting solids and Biomat that have built up over the years.
  • Works in any kind of Septic System

    Single or dual chamber tanks with drain field, cesspits, cesspools, seepage pits, and more.

  • Custom models available

    The Septic Genie ABG requires a liquid depth of 40 or more inches. If your septic tank is shallow, call us and we'll build a shorter unit for you at no extra cost.

  • Simple to install

    Install in a few hours with complete instructions, how-to videos, and phone support.

  • Expert Phone Support

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Made in USA

  • Money back guarantee