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SG 6

SG 6

See how the Septic Genie works

Designed for homes with 1 or 2 people

  • Requires tank opening diameter of 8.25 inches or more
  • If tank access is too small, see the SG Dual 3
  • Comes with:
    • Hiblow XP-80 Air Pump
    • Pre-installed SGTab Bacteria Tablet
    • Power Pack
    • Connector Hose for Air Pump
    • Complete Instructions
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Customer Reviews

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Jerry P
Septic Genie Install and First 3 Weeks

I purchased the Septic Genie following a large amount of research and three years of having our septic tank pumped every few months. The 500 gallon septic tank and leach bed were installed in 1973. We moved to this residence in 2020. I believe the leach bed had been clogged for many years. I tried every type of additive I could find to clear the tank and leach field. None worked. Bids for a new system were $10,000 - $15,000. I had the tank pumped and let it fill naturally before installing the Genie.
I installed the Septic Genie myself. It was simple and easy. As the instructions warned, the smell was tremendous for the first 24 - 48 hours. Following that the odor was gone. It as been 2 weeks and the overflow has ceased and the level is slowly dropping. There is no longer any scum nor visible solids.
Due to the age of the system and level of clogging I do not expect immediate results.
The Genie is definitely working and I will continue to monitor it as time passes.
This is an easily installed and effective system.
Thank You.

Michael A
Almost great

So long as this unit remains vertical it will work. Having no weight the air being pushed through the system forced this unit to float up and therefore reduce the efficiency of what it is attempting to do.